Saturday 7 November 2020

Spectre Objectives

 Spectre Objectives

So on my first ever trip to Salute in 2019 I may have spent a small fortune at the Spectre stand on some SAS, a BMP 1, and the Spectre Objectives. Now these have spent time on the shelves until recently with the purchase of an airbrush which I thought I might use to do the basecoat on them.

I'm unlikely to use all the Objectives in one game and I wanted too make them usable across a number of different theatres of operations. With this in mind I've decided not to base the majority of them with the exception of the rucksack. I feel that the nukes standout and the breifcase will hopefully appear on a table, however, I fear the rucksack might blend into the background and needs something to make it pop.

Taking some inspiration from the Spectre stock photo I went for the generic olive drab, russian uniform type of greens for the nukes and pallet of shells. We've all watched films where the nukes are in some sort of heavy duty case, usually with black inserts, and some sort of straps. So a black grey, for the inserts, and a brown, khaki or gunmetal for any straps. The briefcase was always going to be a metallic colour, my only option was a gunmetal, although online I've seen slightly more subtle metallics which might have suited it better. Lastly the rucksack would be bright and civilian like too fit in with a  modern urban scenario.

A gunmetal transit case.

Having airbrushed the BMP 1 I used the same sand colour for this case.

This will look good on a Warlords table.

I used green stuff to make the pavement for the rucksacks base, painted with a number of greys and a green wash in the joints.

Just need an EOD robot now.

These were a pleasure to paint, I cant believe I didn't start them sooner. I look forward to getting them on the table sometime in the future whenever that may be.

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