Saturday 11 April 2020

28MM Spectre SAS Counterterrorism Team

SAS Counterterrorism Team

These were some of the first Spectre minatures I bought with the Spectre rules 1st edition. They have sat on many a shelf and desk, moved house three times, and with the Multicam fest over with and plenty of time on my hands, I thought I'd give them a go

The Team

Brilliant figures as always, but I decided that they weren't going to represent the SAS more of a non specific force, Tier 1 to well equipped contractors potentially. The trouble was they were all armed with Carbines, firepower was what was needed in the shape of a Task Force Marksman and MG Operator.

Some of the pictures may be muddled, no idea why, when previewed they look fine, when published and viewed from my browser some have moved. All this is done on my phone and whilst I'm getting quicker and better at the articles I am still clueless and would rather be painting. Also the models look shiny but that's my poor camera skills, so enjoy.



Really enjoyed these as they were quick to paint in comparison to Multicam. The bases will stay bare until the end of the current world wide situation as my basing supplies are thin on the ground and may be required for terrain building. 

As always I have more Spectre minis in my stash and a UGL, Breacher and a SAW may be added in the not to distant future. 

Looking forward to getting these on the table soon fingers crossed.

Spectre Rules battle report

28mm Insurgents

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