Sunday 15 November 2020

NORTHAG 10mm Russian Reinforcements

NORTHAG 10mm Russian Reinforcements

Well this is unusual I've actually painted something within a couple of weeks of buying it! Shock horror! Well almost I've still got too paint the British Spartan Patrol. I've been waiting for the Plastic Soldier Company to release some more units and with four available I popped them in the basket, only for them to release the SAS patrol a week later, oh well they'll have to wait until I order some more Cheiftan tanks in the future.

The Models

The Shilka had lots of flash and required a lot of work to clean it up. I pushed on with it and I think the final result is good enough. Ps this is not the final result.

These BRDM's are much better being newer releases.

Other than where the sprue attached these were really impressive.

The Spartans are still waiting in the paint queue.

Bit of airbrushing with Russian Uniform.

Turned out a lot better than I expected.


  • Vallejo Russian Uniform, airbrushed straight onto the model no primer
  • Vallejo Black Grey for tracks, wheels and exhausts
  • Army Painter soft tone wash all over
  • Vallejo Russian Uniform drybrush across the models to pick out the detail
  • Vallejo Black grey dry brush to tidy up overspill anywhere
  • Vallejo Gunmetal on any tow ropes and tools
  • Flames of War German Camo Medium Brown for the Shilka log
  • Flames of war Light Brown 929 dry brush on lower Hull, tracks and for any dust and dirt.
I've brought another Russian starter set off a friend to paint in the future and I'll probably stick with this method. The vehicles are 10mm on a 6x4 table so I don't really require anymore detail. Last time I had trouble with my Agrax Earthshade and I've still not replaced that bottle, which lead to me having much darker vehicles than I originally intended.

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