Saturday 25 April 2020

Spectre Snipers

Spectre Snipers

After painting my last Spectre minatures I started thinking about some support. I had these two Snipers that I could use for all my teams. They were on bases waiting to be primed with my Warlord Germans and I got on with priming them, and then promptly got carried away with the Germans.

There not shiny its just my photos.

Still holding out on the basing until I have more supplies.


Painting them was simple enough, primed army painter leather brown, then Multicam for the any visible clothing using Spectre's guide. I used some of the greens and browns from the guide for the Ghillie suits in random patches. Khaki, Waaagh green and german grey on the weapons, then all washed with Agrax earthshade, followed with a little highlighting with Iraqi Sand especially on the Ghillie suit to tie it all together. I didn't paint any visible flesh and left the primer showing with the wash for a cam cream effect.

28mm Spectre SAS counterterrorism team

28mm Spectre task force in multicam

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