Tuesday 24 September 2019

More Empress Insurgents!

More Empress Insurgents!

Just some reinforcements for my Insurgents because you can never have too many! More of my Empress minatures purchase, now to move onto my Spectre bad guys.

Got himself some kneepads!

Ready to add some punch.

Dodgy trousers.

I was inspired to paint the shirt having seen it online, not up to their standard though.

My effort at DPM, this figure changing his magazine is one of my favourites.
Just the five this time, tried out a few different things such as the camo patterns, and some different highlights but more importantly a new pot of Agrax earthshade. This seems to be so much better than my last pot at finding all the little detail, maybe I'm just getting better at using it with all the painting I'm doing.

First Spectre Battle Report.
Second Battle Report 'The Chechen'

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