Thursday 5 September 2019

The Chechen! Battle Report

The "Chechen"

Wow another Spectre rules battle report so soon! In truth we had time after the last game and quickly put together a scenario. The rules are perfect for this, we didn't read the extras, we just let our minds wander.

The crops, trees and fields on the left mark the table edge and make it more picturesque for all the photos I forgot to take.

The Scenario: The "Chechen"

A British patrol has received a tip off that an SVD Dragnov is in an arms cache nearby. The source has given three possible locations within a small area of construction. Due to the time sensitive nature of the tip off they have proceeded to the sparsely populated area, with the intention of denying the Insurgents this weapon.

Locating the weapon will win the British the game, if the "Chechen" recovers his rifle and leaves the table the Insurgents win.

The Forces:

The British,

Professional Tier, Corporal has Sgt stats.
  • Corporal, Assault rifle with scope, pistol, frag, smoke.
  • Sharpshooter, DMR with scope, pistol, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 1, Assault rifle with scope, UGL, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 2, Assault rifle with scope, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 3, Assault rifle with scope, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 4, Assault rifle with scope, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 5, Assault rifle with scope, frag, smoke.
  • Rifleman 6, LMG, frag, smoke. (Rifleman figure stand in)
All have Body armour and battlefield trauma kits.

The Insugents:

Militia tier, Leader has Sgt stats.
  • Militia leader, Assault Rifle and frag.
  • Militia man, Lmg and frag.
  • Militia man, Assault Rifle,UGL, and frag.
  • Militia man, Assault Rifle and frag.
  • Man 1, possible Assault rifle?
  • Man 2,possible Assault rifle?
  • Man 3, possible Assault rifle?
The "Chechen"

Professional tier soldier stats.
  • The "Chechen", possible sniper rifle?
  • For the British we have a rifleman representing a Minimi, to better reflect the section, something that was missing from the last game.
  • Should the British come across any unarmed locals they can detain them if necessary and question.
  • The locals have a rough area to work/patrol using basic movement, until the British appear in their LOS, or they hear them. Once seen by the British they can attempt to move out of LOS to pick up a weapon or contact reinforcements via phone. 
  • Reinforcements can only be called in the command phase after moving out of LOS, on a D6 3+, and appear on any table edge.
  • The "Chechen" can be warned after the reinforcements in the same way, D6 6+, reducing by 1 each turn. He appears randomly on the pre-selected hidden marker representing his rifle in the combat phase to represent him sneaking into position. 
The Battle:

With the 3 locals wandering around the British approach from behind the villa along the compound wall. Above them on the 1st floor veranda walking away from them is the first local. 
Next they move into the courtyard of the villa compound. They are spotted by the local and he vanishes inside appearing as Charlie fireteam breakdown and push up the outside steps to reach the first floor. Meanwhile Delta secure the compound entrance and move towards the front door. One has LOS of the local (marked as unarmed with a counter) he has him covered with his weapon and see's him raise an AK over the wall, he fires missing but causing him to be suppressed (failed the test), the untrained insurgent fires and misses. 

More importantly the firing has alerted everyone!

Charlie reach the 1st floor shooting the Insurgent before he can react. Delta move into the villa towards the 1st suspected cache site in the main room. Two civilians move towards the villa out of sight. One produces a weapon  moving towards a window, the other talks to someone on the phone.

Alerted by a local, an insurgent squad appears from the nearest table edge as Delta searches the lower floor and take aim through the windows and doorway with the armed local and fire. Some havent quite made the windows and the devastating barrage never happens. One Delta man drops the local. The minimi gunner closest to the door and enemy lobs a grenade only for it to bounce back and seriously wound himself, however it destroy the dummy cache. 

Charlie tries to move into position on the first floor to fire down on the Insurgents some of who charge inside to confront Delta!  
Delta attacks, what follows is close combat and shooting which Delta eventually wins, losing one, but another beating two insurgents in close combat. Unfortunately a local has moved in behind Delta and fires, and Delta suffers another casualty.
Meanwhile Charlie move to provide top cover and finally take out the sneaky local, only for the 'Chechen' to appear (random roll, no pics), on the opposite roof. He fires seriously wounding the sharpshooter before trying to make his escape, except the one exit leads him into the guns of Charlie team. Charlie exact revenge, and a costly search it was over. 

My thoughts:

This game was a lot faster, hence even less pictures, must try harder! We had an idea and Spectre's rules aloud it to play out. Having read on from the basics, there is everything and more to build on this scenario. Lee and I had fun and are planning our next game with maybe some different forces, but first we have to paint them.

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