Wednesday 1 January 2020

Making Dice Holders

Making Dice Holders

So with most war games you'll have to keep track of some stats or numbers near your figures. This could be anything from suppression and wound status in Spectre, shock in Chain of Command or simply casualties on a multi base as you play a number of rules and don't wish to rebase your figures.

The Problem

Some rules have bespoke counters which is brilliant, but you never seem to have enough so you use small dice for the short fall. Except I have large fingers and constantly knock them over.

My Solution

Make some dice holders, well actually buy some 20mm bases, 5mm dice and trays, and  coarse sand from Forget about them for 2 years then add some more sand, slate and tufts and mix with pva.

I stuck the frame in the centre, this was a mistake,
it made adding bits hard with the small area to apply the glue.

Add the grit or sand.

Dry brush relevant terrain colour

Apply slate.

Or static grass

Urban theme, milliput with paving slabs carved into it.

Painted dark grey almost black.

Dry brushed a light grey.

These were simple to make and took no time at all, I made twenty in total, half using the coarse grit and half kiln dried sand for a more uniform finish. I painted them all the same but ended up adding tufts to the latter, some of which I had to slice in half because I placed the frames in the centre. The urban themed version was a practice for using milliput on bases for future projects when I get to them.

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