Wednesday 28 August 2019

Get me Wargaming!

Get me Wargaming!

Why a blog? 

These days there are plenty of online sources and videos around compared to when I started playing with plastic soldiers many years ago. The standard plastic army men and an interest in War led to Airfix, with a glimpse of a friends dads GW collection, a 40k box set of some edition was purchased late 90's. But with little interest from friends and a glance at a white dwarf for reference the figures stayed grey. 
Rugby drinking and work in that order meant that my interest in gaming disappeared, and the plastic found the loft and for some the bin. 
My collection of books on Warfare only grew as the years went on, how could I take this further, the odd model kit and museum visit was not scratching that itch. I stumbled across a Flames of War starter set with a 3 Sherman's , 2 Stug's and some dice, what the hell I thought. That evening on the coffee table whilst the future wife was at work I glued together the the resin and metal with the wrong glue, and read the rules. Some dice rolls later and I was looking on my laptop (long gone) for more information on Flames of War.

The Blog....? I'm getting there!

That was around the early 2000's, my interest was there and I had a couple of friends hooked aswell, fast forward, stuck in a dead end job I joined the army late at 28. Up to now I'd painted and gamed with some late war 15mm germans for Fow, that got me hooked, but the camo stopped me in my tracks. The info and techniques were out there in books and on the web, and growing monthly. A break whilst in training and moving meant packing everything up. Married, with kids, and in the Army I needed a hobby again and managed to find Boscombe down and Amesbury wargames club around 2016.
Meeting like minded fellow gamers and playing what would soon become my favourite rule sets, Chain of Command, and Battlegroup spurred me on to buy and assemble, but not necessarily paint more minatures. Inviting my old friend Lee along (I was posted locally), we were both hooked again, he painted and I painted, gaming at the club and privately, work and life getting in the way of expanding armies and scales.
The communities online around Chain of Command, Battlegroup, Spectre Wargames and Bolt Action, alongside expanding ranges of models and terrain meant I was always searching and reading up on wargames. Looking forward to the next article, blog post, or you tube video on this, that, and the other, I'd ask myself, How are some people so motivated? How do they stay motivated? 
The answer that many have pondered over and what I think has led me here is too talk about it.

Why a blog...? Honestly I'm getting there.

Wouldn't it be cool, if I could post all the pics on my phone of games and models? Like others do online, not just on facebook, but in one place. I wish I could do something like those blogs by The Tactical Painter and Lard island news too name a couple. I don't know enough about computers, I don't even have a computer, and my English isn't the best??
But then i couldn't paint once (debatable now I know), I couldn't drive a tank once either. What's that? a friend started a blog on his van restoration, you mean anyone can blog? All you've got to do is type.........? On a phone? I couldn't do that could I....?

Tom 29/08/19, all because I had an idea that kept me awake until I started typing.............. 

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  1. Tom this is fantastic keep it up and I'm always happy to help out when needed. Who knows where it may lead.