Friday 30 August 2019

Empress 28mm Modern British.

The Brits

So we've met the Insurgents now its time to meet the British Infantry. Now these are impressive Empress Miniatures painted by my friend Lee using the Spectre Miniatures Multicam guide adjusted to suit what he owns, which is mainly Army painter. Neither of us paint as much as we should or would like, however with a deadline Lee smashed these out over 4 evenings. I especially like the eye protection. Multicam scares me, but seeing the results I'll have to give it a go.

Sharpshooter Rifle.


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  1. Lovely painting. What colours did you use for the glasses please?

    1. White base colour, Casandora yellow wash, and a dot of white as a reflection. My mate painted these, I used the seraphim sepia wash on my Task force guys instead.

  2. Lovely. Thanks for coming back to me 😀