Thursday 29 August 2019

1st Spectre Rules Wargame prep Terrain!

1st Spectre Rules Wargame prep Terrain!

So on summer leave and Lee and me organise what we hope to become a regular wednesday hobby day/night, were both off, so this time it'll be a day. Question is what to do? Chain of  Command, Battlegroup, or Bolt Action which I've played but Lee hasn't? Lee suggests we finally try the Spectre miniatures rules, which I persuaded him to buy at Salute 2019 so I'd have an opponent. Great idea I said, a week to go, he has no minis painted, I have some partly painted Insurgents from Empress and Spectre, and terrain well I started a foamboard building at some point. Oh and to add to that I recently moved even closer to home (hence the hope of a regular hobby night) and everything is still boxed inside the spare room, were my father in law is staying for the week.

The room before the father in law visited.
The father in law left on the Friday morning and frantically searched boxes for terrain and minis.

  • Foam board building, not finished.
  • Foam board building test piece, call it finished. 
  • Spectre walls, base coated.
  • Spectre cinder blocks, painted.
  • Red vector? Walls built not painted.
  • Sarissa ruin, half built.
  • Forgotten 4Ground ruin, built.
  • Crop fields door mat.
  • Various trees for 15mm.
  • Desert gaming mat.
Base coating

Floors and walls

Getting there, and some morale.

Desk is chaos, but the walls have sand on and a basecoat.

Found the bits to make barbed wire.

Lee said "wouldn't it be cool if we had a well or something"

Now not having decided on the blog, it was only an idea until conversations and research over this past week. I didn't take the normal amount of pics that I would send to Lee of my progress. Safe to say by the of the weekend we had some almost finished terrain, but I also needed some minis! 

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