Wednesday 5 August 2020

NORTHAG 10mm BAOR Armour

NORTHAG 10mm BAOR Armour

So with the Russians finished it was onto the British Army of the Rhine, more commonly known as BAOR. I was really excited for this as it meant I would get to paint the Chieftain Tanks. There is much online and in the rulebook on this Beast of the BAOR, however I think it has an unmistakable sound and its worth watching YouTube videos on BAOR exercises in Germany to get a real feel for it.


Same as with the Russians, a little super glue and a quick scrap with a sharp knife and they were ready for priming.


So I needed a starting point for my scheme and quick youtube search led me to Pete the Wargamers channel and how to paint a FOW Cheiftan. As per usual I adapted the scheme to my paint collection and off I went. Listed below are the paints I used and some pictures to explain the process.

  • Vallejo Bronze green spray, Base coat
  • Vallejo Russian uniform, drybrush all over
  • Citadel Nuln oil, Black camo stripes
  • Vallejo Flat Brown, Tracks
  • Vallejo Black grey, Dark metal  road wheels, tow cables
  • Vallejo English uniform, thermal sleeve/gun barrel 
  • Citadel Sepia wash, watered down, all over
  • Citadel Nuln oil, watered down, tracks, pin wash on hatches
  • Flames of war Light Brown 929 dry brush on lower Hull, dust and dirt.

Vallejo Bronze green spray, Base coat.

Vallejo Russian uniform, Drybrush softens the Bronze green.

Nuln oil for stripes reapplied 2-3 times to achieve the desired effect.

I wanted the stripes to look slightly faded and worn.

Paint the thermal sleeve using English uniform leaving the fume extractor in the centre, (sorry no picture at this point). Then a Sepia wash all over and Flat Brown on the tracks. 

Nuln oil wash on the tracks and running gear.

Nuln oil pin wash on engine decks and anywhere I thought it might help.

Light Brown Drybrush on the tracks and hull, less on the turret and upper decks.

The finished product.

Cracked on and finished up the rest.

Final thoughts

These were really quick to paint, although in truth I had them assembled and base coated at the same time as the Russians. I just wanted to try out 10mm painting on the Russians first! I could've used a black spray and blue tac for the stripes, but that wouldn't have given me the faded effect I wanted, and I'm happy with the results. Being 10mm I've not bothered with any markings although some Royal Tank Regiment Chinese eyes would've been a nice touch.  You may have also noticed I have a mix of Cheiftan turret options but only one extra, originally some were missing and PSC have sent them, they're just sat in the to do pile.

What next? Probably the Russian infantry as I've completed a test sprue already, but I might get distracted so, who knows?

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